Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sound and Vision

(vintage everything except for the shades by Urban Outfitters, socks by F21, shoes by Fornarina (I used to work for them!))

A million apologies for my huge blogging hiatus. I've been frustrated with the whole blogging thing and I'll tell you why. As some of you may remember from a previous post (back in the beginning of August), I wrote about my first giveaway from Anastasia of Beverly Hills. They had partnered up with The Confluence Group, a marketing firm who contacted me about wanting to use my blog to reach out about Anastasia's beauty products and told me to make a post first, and supplied me with the images and video, and me, being super green, was like, okay sure, free brow kit, yay!! Post made. They got back to me and said cool, we like it. I wait for my gift...I wait.. and wait. I send them a 'What's up?" email. I wait some more. And then, I was like wait a minute, did I just get scammed? Now, with anger and shame in my veins I write them another email inquiring about the delay and describing my disappointment in such seemingly reputable companies and their unprofessional marketing strategies.

Well, luckily, that email didn't fall on deaf ears and yeah, I received a brow kit shortly after. Not 2, as promised, and as I had detailed in my post for a giveaway opportunity. That really miffed me. I felt then, like now I was a scam, because there was no giveaway as mentioned. I just didn't know how to deal so I delayed further on posting. Now, finally, after having gathered my thoughts and feeling ok enough to even open the product, I tried it out for this shoot above. The little brow stencils they give you to shape your brows seemed like a good idea at first, but then when placed up to my brows, were about a mile too long and way too wide. None of the given stencils even remotely fit my brows. Pretty useless if you ask me. Everything else is nice. I think they should get rid of the stencils and replace them with a pair of mini tweezers like the brow kit by Urban Decay has.

As I write this, my frustration with this whole fashion blogging-marketing-brand-product placement-promotion business, I realize... hey, more power to the bloggers. I encourage all bloggers to take control of what they want or don't want, what they like and don't like and don't be afraid to say it out loud. This is your blog, you have no editor, no one in charge of what you publish and what you say. Magazines rely on advertisers, blogging is totally free from that restraint, which is why blogging is so monumental, so free, so unique.

I hope that me shedding light on my poor experience is understood not to bash Confluence Group or Anastasia of Beverly Hills. They have apologized for the delay and told me about their shipment problems and I completely forgive them. It doesn't change the fact that for a couple of weeks I was depressed about blogging, getting your hopes up, and then not hearing or seeing from them again? Well, it felt like getting stood up. I wanted to shed light on this because it happened and maybe some of you can relate. I have a blog to reach out. And I love my readers! So, lesson learned? Do not post before you see said product to avoid disappointment and you know, "mail trouble."

All the best, xo Nicki

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Somewhat proper

(everything is vintage except leather shorts, which are lucca couture)

These pictures were taken at the Mad Decent block party in which we mainly hung out inside the Native tour bus to keep cool. I'm not sure why I donned my proper rocker ensemble to a huge outdoor music party but sometimes, there are just no answers. Later on we went to the National Forest party and they had this awesome googly-eyed collage which Tim and I had a lot of fun with.

Here are some inspiration photos to go with this post since I know I've been a major slacker lately...

I'm convinced Patti Smith is the coolest person ever photographed. If you haven't read her book Just Kids yet, RUN to your nearest bookstore and buy it. Support your local independent bookstore, folks. Then while you're there you can pick up the Patti Smith 1969-1976 photographed by Judy Linn book which are where all these photos came from except for the first one by the dearly departed Robert Mapplethorpe.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Cold Dead Lips...and perfect eyebrows...

(Top-Style Nanda, Shorts-vintage, Purse-Vintage fromTelltale Hearts)

Hi, I'm back. It's been forever, I know.

Here are some updates: I went on a 4 day hike in (not so) Dinky Creek near Fresno a week ago. Calling it Dinky Creek is akin to the fact that Iceland is green and Greenland is icy. It's all a huge ploy! It was actually named Dinky in honor of a little dog who saved his owner's life from a bear. Can you imagine a dog named Dinky fighting a bear? So sweet. :(

I bought this long sleeve fringe top from the extremely addicting Korean webstore Style Nanda. Shopping their website is like flipping through the digital pages of the best Jpop magazine. It's all super kawaii fashion candy. Luckily, Style Nanda is fashion forward and edgy.

This suede fur bag comes from the amazing vintage store Telltale Hearts in Silverlake. When I opened the bag to find the price, there were-- no kidding, 2 joints inside, crusty and stained, straight from the 70s. I imagine some bohemian babe toted this around as she hung out in Laurel Canyon. Needless to say, those artifacts were a huge selling point to me!

Last thing, it's really strange how synchronicity works. I've been thinking about how my brows are due for a shaping and I've been wanting to get a new eyebrow kit. Imagine my surprise when the kind folks at Anastasia of Beverly Hills contacted me a few days ago for an awesome brow kit giveaway for me and my readers. It includes everything you need to design your brows to perfection. Check this out.

And here's a rad tutorial from Anastasia herself!

Stay tuned for details about this giveaway!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Palm Springs

We rolled into Palm Springs at around 6pm, the air was still warm and moist and the sun was just behind some clouds, getting ready to disappear behind the mountains. The Ace Hotel is located almost at the base of the mountains, you feel so close that you can't help but try to reach out and touch them every so often. Tim got ready for his print show and I "helped" by sitting around snapping pictures. The second night was the opening and I singlehandedly sold the diptych skulls to a very drunken older woman who was debating on how to frame them for over an hour. She vacillated from gold ornate frames to leather, against the advice of myself and a hip gay gentleman to keep the frame a simple white, finally we reached a compromise; white leather.

On the last day we went to the cultural/musical landmark Pappy and Harriet's. It was a good 20 minute drive from Palm Springs to literally the middle of nowhere, also known as Pioneertown. Gang Gang Dance is playing on October 8! Tim and I had the most amazing grilled steak that nearly put us in a coma afterwards.

On the drive back to LA, we couldn't resist stopping at the dinosaurs from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. On display are the patent leather dominatrix boots I got at Angel's Thrift Store. Thank you Palm Springs, Matt, and Tim, I had a blast!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Teenage Jesus

(massive bow belt-srzly?! someone gave this to the thrift store?, lace tank-mom's, shorts-the london jean thrifted, boots-guess, leather jacket- Tokyo second-hand shop!)

This tacky massive bow belt is definitely the bratty diva of my belt collection, demanding to be worn even when I'm not in an 80's Madonna mood but here it is in all its black leather and gold chained glory.

This weekend Tim and I are heading to Palm Springs for some fun and sun and poolside lounging at the Ace Hotel for Summer School!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Punk'd by a ghost on a grave...

(shorts-vintage, shirt-H&M, bra-UO, hat-stylenanda, shoes-fornarina)

Last week, we celebrated a co-worker's birthday at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery screening of Evil Dead 2. We ate popcorn and stromboli and drank wine. We laughed, threw popcorn, and the running gag became to yell 'Down in front!' whenever anyone got up to use the restroom. It was amazing walking through the beautiful and elaborate headstones of rich deceased celebrities. My next procrastination destination will be to google what all the different crosses mean.

A semi-photo shoot ensued where I skipped around the cemetery as if I were a creepy child of the corn. I remember thinking 'I will probably go to "hell" for laying on a grave' but I really meant no disrespect! After the movie was over, we walked the 2 blocks back to our car only to realize we "forgot" one of our bags with the keys inside! Major panic mode sends Tim running back to the cemetery to look for them, I'm calling all my friends on the phone, Tim is unable to find them, then finally I look through ur stuff--lo and behold, the bag with the keys was inside another bag! We both assume the other one put it there and an argument ensues in which we both vehemently deny putting that bag there. I swore it wasn't me. Tim swore it wasn't him. There's only one logical conclusion. A ghost totally pranked us, ya'll. I think that's what I get for laying on their grave taking silly pictures of myself. Sorry, ghost. I love you!