Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Some more F/W 11 Favs- Gareth Pugh, Rodarte, Veronica Leroy

I was writing an epic long dissertation on my blogging crises on this post and then realized it was totally irrelevant to the pictures below and that the spewage of my neuroses is better put on an altogether separate post, so, um, expect that next!? In the meantime, here are some beautiful pictures!


I can't tell you how bad I want these leggings.

Also, these leggings. (dies)

Whoa. No words.

This Gareth Pugh collection blew me away. Goth. Glam. Gold. Armor. Those are the words that pop into my head. I loved the vibrant rudimentary blue. It was flowy and feminine enough to contrast with the strong gold architectural jackets and leather. How stunning is this all gold outfit? I would throw a party and dress the best go-go dancer in that ensemble, set her in the middle of the dance floor on a stage, and shine a spotlight on her so she can be the live disco ball. That's what I would do. ^.~


This look, and the similar look in black, is actually my favorite of this collection. It's simple but compelling, seeing that the skirt is sheer makes me want to find out what is worn underneath. I also like it because I look at runway photos because it inspires me to think of how I can recreate a similar look without the luxury price tag.

I also love everything about this look, and the model is perfect for it!

The way the dress moves is amazing. I advise everyone to look at the video link on where it shows the look in motion! I imagine wearing this dress solely to walk around swiftly in and feel the fabric billow and swish around.

Veronique Leroy

I'm totally in love with the glasses and will be searching for the perfect thrift store replica. And how amazing is that coat?

I love the dowdy vintage librarian look to this. It is awesome anti-fashion.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

FW2011 Favorites - Dior

All I can post today is Dior because of badly mismanaging my time and needing to go to work, like, now! And I haven't changed yet. Please note, this is not a comprehensive list. Just what collections I was compelled me to click on when I was browsing and I know they've been up for practically a whole season already but I like to share what looks I'm loving and feel inspired by and you don't know that! Here are the looks I love from Dior.

I love this Dior collection. I understand it is Galliano's last and it is very typical Galliano. It is just glamorous and luxe with an ease. I dont agree at all with what he did and how he behaved but I appreciate him as a designer with a lot of serious talent. Nobody is perfect. Moving on, I love the vibrant jewel tones, it is executed perfectly. I love colored bunchy socks. That's another accessory to stockpile on. And I love the beauty for this collection. Vampy, sexy and mysterious. Ok, more later!

Monday, June 20, 2011

FW2011 Favorites - Acne, Alice + Olivia, Band of Outsiders

I'm not going to pretend like my lack of posts are entirely out of my control. I mean, to do that would be completely not taking responsibility and being honest. Yes, I've been busy and tired and uninspired and for that, I am so sorry! Please forgive me. Anyways, during this hiatus of taking photos of myself, I have amassed a ton of inspiration that will definitely carry me through when I do start posting personal style again. Here are my favorite pieces of Fall/Winter 2011 in alphabetical order....

Acne is amazing. These are all looks you can do right now! No need to wait for fall. Each ensemble is simple and yet perfect with the silver wedges and bits of chiffon. Top inspiration: SILVER with all things light blue/denim.

I wasn't too enthused with the Alice + Olivia collection. These two pieces were the ones I gravitated towards most. I would live in that fuzzy striped sweater dress. The cut, the texture, the army green and black, it's perfection. I would dress it up like the model is doing or pair it with a long flannel skirt. The red and black dress is so dramatic and so queen of hearts.

I was trying to figure out why I loved this Band of Outsiders collection so much and I realized it came to 2 basic things. I love colored laces AND I am going to wear arm warmers under my gloves come winter time. Yup.