Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gypsy Rose

(dress-thrifted, shawl-flea market, turban-UO, shoes-gojane)
Here's my tribute to spring. I decided to edge up this floral dress, which was most likely supposed to be a shirt, seeing that its length is butt grazing, with this glittery gold gypsy shawl and turban. I have a serious obsession with florals, I love mixing floral prints with edgier details and because I'm someone who gets cold in 70 degree weather, I like to bring some kind of shawl/scarf/jacket accompaniment to wrap up my shoulders in case of air conditioning or night time weather. I love finding ways to layer in spring/summer, I feel it kind of offsets the sluttiness of most of my too-short ensembles.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Coachillin' Day Two

I think it's hilarious that Tim wore his Boycott Burning Man shirt to Coachella. For the record, neither of us have gone to Burning Man (yet!) but I fully plan on taking advantage of that opportunity should it arise one day. Yeah, bring on your psychedelics and raw foods and crystal healing! Anyways, this outfit was brought to you by thrift store. Except for my old Guess combat boots which are the most versatile and comfortable pair of shoes I own. I have yet to find something I couldn't wear them with, hell, I'd even wear them with a wedding dress! Not saying I would but, you know, I could...I think it would look cool. I really loved the Coachella nights, they remind me of Las Vegas. Everything from the magenta sunsets to the warm night breeze.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Coachillin' Day One

We arrived at Indio pretty late the first night and missed all the music and mayhem of the festival on Friday. The rest of the band in our motor home stayed up and drank beers and talked while I tuckered out on the little couch. The next day, Tim took a couple of pictures of me on the palm tree stump graveyard next to our RV. Then we headed to the Oasis Beach Club party where I was able to snap a couple of style shots, one of which is of an awesome girl's kimono (which she got at the $1 sale at Jet Rag! Lucky duck!), who I found out has a rad blog. Her name is Roberta and she lives in LA too! The next one is of a girl's unicorn print dress! How could I resist? Then we went to the Ace Hotel party where Tim and his friend Dave found out they were wearing the same Native shoes. We got to Coachella by sundown which was a relief from the unrelenting heat but unfortunately not so great for street style shots. However, Animal Collective was amazing and the video Black Dice did for them was the perfect accompaniment. They definitely "brought the weird" which I was extremely grateful for! The best part of the night was when they played "Atlas" by Battles. Tim and I just shared the best moment of realization and started jumping up and down like giddy kitties on catnip. I was so happy that Arcade Fire played almost everything from their first album Funeral. I was transported to the most amazing memories of massive singalongs in the car to that record while driving my friends around in high school. All the words came back to me. I could have danced forever...

Stay tuned for part deux!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Going to Coachella..ella..ella...

Ay...Ay...Ay...Going to Coachella...ella...ella...OK! Enough of my Rihanna remix. (Who else has thought of that?) This is my going to Coachella outfit. No lie, it is a reoutfit actually since I've been wearing this shirt almost everyday since I got it last week. We are just about to leave now so I missed the first day due to working the Janet Jackson signing. I am so so so tired today (don't ask). Anyways, I'm extremely excited and I will be posting lots of cute outfits of every adorable girl (or guy) who will let me creep on them! Hooray! I really should be leaving now. XOXO

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

School Crushed

This outfit reminds me of a glam schoolgirl. I like the textures of the brown crushed velvet with the silvery blouse and the shininess of patent leather. I've been trying to figure out a way to wear this velvet dress without looking too much like a figure skater; I much prefer glam schoolgirl. Another thing I like about this outfit is that it was practically free. The dress is thrifted, the sunglasses were $5, the bag is my grandma's and everything else is my mom's.

I was an English major in college. This doesn't mean anything other than that I have a penchant for literature because my grammar is littered with what I'd like to just call "ingrammaticalities" and you'll find bullshit words like this one all the time in my daily speech. Tim keeps a list in his phone of the "charming" things I say. I'm glad I studied English. It gave me the skills of critical thinking and reasoning and I'm a damn good arguer. I also got to read a lot and really discuss life's important questions. I like to think of English as the more personal, emotional, and subjective side of philosophy. This major has led me to being a pretty good thinker but I think I need to be a better doer. This time around, I'd like to study photography, creative writing, film-making, or design. What was your major?

Fashion is a fun diversion. An escapism of sorts from the heady intellectual matters that cloud our day.

Monday, April 11, 2011


So, I came across new hot model Li Ming the other day. For some reason, this amazing photo shoot completely captures what I have been feeling lately. My computer is on its last byte which makes using it pure torture. That spinning rainbow wheel of death is like watching a performance with the world's smallest and cruelest magician whose trick is to hypnotize you into making you lose your mind. But no more will I stand for that! I am getting a new computer this week, I tell you! Then I will be posting more, I hope, and becoming a better person. Yippee! <3

Thursday, April 7, 2011

White blurrr//Long exposure

Check out these amazing pictures Tim took while we were at the White Ring show at Show Cave in Eagle Rock. My co-worker/pal Ted likes to call their musical genre screwgaze, you know, hard and dancey, as opposed to the staring-at-your-feet, slowly swaying, shoegaze of the 90s. Galaxie500 anyone? It is also called witch house which I really like and as I feel the first photo evokes.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pirate Gaucho

Hat-H&M, Poncho-H&M, Blouse-thrifted, Shorts- same as last post, Shoes-vintage

These pictures were taken a few days ago by Madeline on her Canon. We had a mega-fun adventure in shopping.I loved her post about her shopping rules. I completely agree. My boyfriend called this outfit "Pirate Gaucho." I'm not sure how I feel about that. The blouse is my favorite thing about this outfit. I discovered it after much digging and all my itchiness and sneezing and tried patience was worth it!