Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Must-Have Coachella Accessory--A Shawl

Whether or not you're going to Coachella the festival, or just going to the parties, or going to something called Desert Daze, you're going to need to wear some clothes (however little they might actually cover your body). It's going to be brutally hot, insanely so, especially if you're at the festival grounds in Indio where the temperatures will be creeping towards the 100s, you may get a moment of grace as the sun sets, when a warm breeze comes along that feels exactly like a gentle caress from the universe--however, this beautiful harmonious time between your body and nature is short lived, because at night it gets cold! Also, who knows if strange weather patterns are going to occur again and it'll rain like it did last year?! You can be prepared for all these weather changes and more by packing one simple item--a shawl!

A shawl is great for wrapping around yourself when you're a little bit cold, or just want to look like a cool, mysterious gypsy.

You can use it for shade!

Or when you don't feel like talking to anyone.

You can also use it to sit on like a fancy picnic blanket!

This is my friend Eva, the photographer of this shoot, demonstrating the super powers a shawl can bring to your outfit.

When you don't want to wear your shawl, just tie it around your purse. When you need a cover-up after the pool, tie it around your waist! If, god forbid, you spill something on your phone, SHAWL!

You can find one at any thrift store. They're basically just large rectangular pieces of fabric! Get creative!