Sunday, March 27, 2011

Too close to dusk

Hat-H&M, Velvet jacket-$1 sale rummage, Shirt-Thrifted, Shorts-Thrifted, Necklace-Flea market, Shoes- F21

Alright, you know what happened here...I was doing out doing fun things all day and when I remembered to take pictures, it was already too dark. However, I have a good excuse, I went flea marketing and lunching with dear Madeline of Jean Greige and darling Britney of Disarming Darling both of whom I'm sure you all know are amazing. I met Madeline just shortly before she started Jean Greige and already, it's the best blog I have ever seen. I've decided she's my womentor for more purposes than one.
Now, I'm going to leave you with some videos of a fantastic woman named Nina Hagen. She is out of this world. Pay attention!


  1. Nina Hagen -- YES! See Nicki, you are like my culture mentor.

  2. Totally impressed with your new blog, stranger!
    My first posts were all "Uh hi guys, I totally appreciate Raf Simons please let me join your club".
    Point being, you seem super cool/stylish/at ease with your blogging self already, and that's not easy.
    Glad I followed the unstoppable Madeline's link!
    Oh! And great blog name- if I could go back and change mine...oh man.

  3. Hey, Margaret! Oh, you are too awesome! Thank you for stumbling here.

    P.S. I like fashionlitter! It makes me think of puppies and also of trash which is my favorite style.


  4. aw, thank you! i AM totally shy and awkward- but you and madeline were so so great to spend the day with! gotta do it again soon! x