Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Declare Independence!

(shorts- thrifted, top- H&M, shoes-gojane, jewlery-thrifted, bag-flea market in Japan)

So, I've been having an existential crisis lately which accounts for my huge blogging hiatus. Sometimes I just get overwhelmed and need a break from the world wide web. Also, photoshop was still quitting 2 minutes into the program and yeah, that topic bores me too but I think maybe it's finally done being fickle because it at least stayed open long enough for me to resize and subsequently post these pictures!

My 4th of July was spent on the roof of an artist loft in downtown LA. I finally got to see Madeline since what feels like forever. There was BBQing, music, and the most spectacular views of the city and the fireworks that were happening at the Dodger Stadium. The weather was perfect and I felt free and happy which was nice considering that I was going through a panicked couple of weeks where I was questioning everything.

My outfit had nothing to do with red, white, or blue. Consider it my small form of rebellion. Everyone was oohing and aahing over Mo, Madeline's dachshund every chance they got and although you can't really blame them, I started referring to my vintage fur bag as MY dog. It received many loving pats and praise by strangers in its own right, but once, a girl sat on it. I didn't really appreciate my dog being sat on but I guess that's what happens when you look like a nice shag rug. After the rooftop party, I hung out with my awesome friend Rachel and her pals at the Echo Park Lake. It was such a nice time.

Hey Internet?
Even though you are stressful and creepy sometimes, thanks for always just being there.


  1. Haha I know what u mean about the Internet. I got rid of my facebook in February. It just isn't real life. Our parents never went through these technologically trying times. I know this sounds weird coming from a blogger who has Twitter, but I think blogging is different in the intended audience aspect. Welcome back for now.


  2. Awesome top! Loving all the hardware (jewelry!!) and loving that puff of a bag :) Awesome post, awesome blog! Follow each other?

  3. This bag is so funny, and sweet!
    And I really like your belt.

  4. Yay! Finally. When that girl sat on your purse I gave you the "BITCH DID NOT" face. I hope you have fun in Vegas!

  5. I am glad you are feeling better about things. You look super great! I have missed your outfit posts! You look really fabulous in those shorts! and that bag is rad.

  6. I wouldn't appreciate my purse dog being sat on either but I loveeeeeee this outfit. you have the BEST accessories all the time. xoxo


  8. I think I'm in love with that shag bag! Gosh, Japan always has the coolest things!


  9. BJORK?!
    I love the color scheme of your outfit, and how you played with texture, with the bag and the boots and accessories.
    The proportions are nice~ shirt tucked into the shorts with a long sweater.
    Super flattering and creative.