Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Huge Fan of Human Strangeness...

We watch a lot of reality TV at our house. A lot. We watch Survivor, Amazing Race, Dance Moms, Dance Moms Miami, Project Runway, Top Chef, Real Housewives, Real World, Jersey Shore...I'm sure there are others that we're missing. Our roommate has a big problem with this. His opinion, like that of many others, is that reality tv destroys your soul, or intelligence, or both... I would agree to a certain extent, if you're actually looking at all of these people as idols or somehow important because they're on TV.

As sad and uncomfortable as some of these shows are (ahem, ahem, Jersey Shore and cough, cough, the Real World), I think it's probably an accurate representation of real life in the sense that there are some really rad, amazing, generous, good-hearted people and some really horrible racist ignorant/evil (it's hard to tell the difference between them anymore-- two sides of the same coin!) people on reality TV. I'm definitely not a "fan" in the sense that I admire Snooki's brazen panties-off drunkenness or Abby Lee Miller's dance training technique, but I'm a huge fan of human strangeness.

And, of course, Marc Bolan.


  1. What are you trying to say about Abby Lee Miller's teaching methods? haha. I llllove reality TV as well and am shocked it took so long to come along. I watched the Real World before I should have even been watching it. I like Chopped on the Food Network as well, Fashion Star, Bad Girls Club, Intervention. It basically runs my week. Just kidding, I have DVR.

  2. Cool blog! =)

  3. me too, to be honest I'm such a fan of the stupidity of reality tv show, specially because it makes me laugh out loud honestly , that stuff it's hilarious , and I really have it hard finding things that make me laugh and reality tv shows are the only thing in the tv that can make me laugh , have you seen kim kardashian crying over a pair of earrings??? that's just so funny , she always cries and I don't laugh at her pain I just laugh of the fact that she believes that she suffers alot