Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Neutral Floral

I have to go get my camera checked out today because it's not turning on anymore and it's not an issue of battery. Wahh...

Here are the last photos taken with it. Another thing that keeps failing is Photoshop, it keeps unexpectedly closing and I've been manically trying to resize all my images as fast as I can before it shuts down. OH the woes of unreliable technology!

There are so many fun things I'm dying to post about but I'm going to wait until my camera gets better. Sowwiezz. I'm so sad... Sniff...


  1. Sounds like an electronic curse. Happened to my friend in college. Digging your socks with those shoes!


  2. those shorts are so super cute xxx

  3. I love the socks and sandals!

  4. oooh, good luck with your camera & photoshop! broken technology is such a drag.. I love you belt a lot!

  5. Shorts are great!
    Hope your camera will get better soon

  6. oh my.. you just keep on making the most gorgeous post! I really love this, it's so inspiring.
    Thanks for stopping by, and i would be very pleased if you'll follow too.

  7. Adorable photos. I love your shorts and belt!

  8. Aw I'm sorry your camera isn't feeling well :( I hope it gets better soon! At least these last few photos are great!