Sunday, May 29, 2011

This new thing...

All photos by Lina Scheynius

I just discovered this photographer Lina Scheynius, and I find her to be very inspiring. I just bought a Canon 40D today. There was a really nice seller on Craigslist who works for a stop-motion animation studio and so has a bunch of old canon 40ds to sell and they were such a huge bargain that I couldn't resist getting one. Thank you everyone for your nice comments and help! It's so great to be able to put a question out into the ether and get multiple kind responses back. I can't wait to show you some of my photos as I learn about my new camera!

Blogging is such a godsend. If nothing, I just feel like I have a place to vent. The Super Saturated post was all stream of consciousness as I was trying to type as quickly as I could whatever thought/feeling came out of me. I really enjoyed the process, it felt so free, no struggling to think of what to write, what I should write, no expectations and it was so therapeutic that I felt light afterwards. Blogging is still a weird thing I'm trying to wrap my head around, to write a little bit of myself and present it to the unknown universe and sometimes, hopefully, get responses back from people around the world. It's cool. It's neat. I like it. So, thank you to everyone who has made themselves known and continue to do so. I really love you all!


  1. Those photos are amazing -- she is great, and somehow very "Nicki". Congrats on the camera; keep up the good blogging work m'lady!

  2. yeay for a new camera! blogging is pretty weird and great, I agree that its cool people can connect through it where they wouldn't be able to otherwise. these are really great photos (especially the one of the woman and a baby)

  3. Nice shots, the angles are very good and the expressions and the moments are perfect.