Wednesday, April 13, 2011

School Crushed

This outfit reminds me of a glam schoolgirl. I like the textures of the brown crushed velvet with the silvery blouse and the shininess of patent leather. I've been trying to figure out a way to wear this velvet dress without looking too much like a figure skater; I much prefer glam schoolgirl. Another thing I like about this outfit is that it was practically free. The dress is thrifted, the sunglasses were $5, the bag is my grandma's and everything else is my mom's.

I was an English major in college. This doesn't mean anything other than that I have a penchant for literature because my grammar is littered with what I'd like to just call "ingrammaticalities" and you'll find bullshit words like this one all the time in my daily speech. Tim keeps a list in his phone of the "charming" things I say. I'm glad I studied English. It gave me the skills of critical thinking and reasoning and I'm a damn good arguer. I also got to read a lot and really discuss life's important questions. I like to think of English as the more personal, emotional, and subjective side of philosophy. This major has led me to being a pretty good thinker but I think I need to be a better doer. This time around, I'd like to study photography, creative writing, film-making, or design. What was your major?

Fashion is a fun diversion. An escapism of sorts from the heady intellectual matters that cloud our day.


  1. "Faye Resnick... Isn't that Trent Resnick's wife?"

    I Love you , baby.
    Heart - T

  2. Gorgeous outfit. I love the styling with the socks and boots.You look gorgeous :)

  3. That is one of the best thrift finds I have ever seen. I have been searching and searching for a crushed velvet dress. Lucky! Looks fantastic on you, too.

    I am having a Free People give-away on my blog if you're interested!
    strawberry freckleface

  4. Strawberry, yes of course! You're followed and thanks for the info!

  5. Great outfit! I love the sunglasses!!

  6. crushed velvet for the winnnn! I'm loving every single outfit you've posted here on your pretty little blog. <3

  7. glam schoolgirl def fits this look! also, as a person that loves velvet anything, i have to say this outfit is so great!

  8. I love that velvet dress so much. Adorable with the collar underneath.
    Also, I was a History major in college and I know what you mean. It totally made me a good debater- I can use my crazy random historical knowledge to zing people during political discussions.
    I looooove to read though, and started out as an English major. Have you read any Haruki Murakami? If not, I highly recommend.

  9. Hi, i just have discover your blog, you're beautiful and i love this outfit so much :)
    From morocco :)

  10. Great outfit--I actually have a thrifted dress that looks really similar. It's not Betsey Johnson by chance, is it?

    Also, f yeah English majors--I was actually an English minor, but you're definitely right about English teaching critical thinking skills and a subjective sort of philosophy.

  11. If God made anything more beautiful than Woman he kept it for himself. wow what a beautiful girl, she looks amazing pretty, love her dress ans shoes..