Monday, April 25, 2011

Coachillin' Day Two

I think it's hilarious that Tim wore his Boycott Burning Man shirt to Coachella. For the record, neither of us have gone to Burning Man (yet!) but I fully plan on taking advantage of that opportunity should it arise one day. Yeah, bring on your psychedelics and raw foods and crystal healing! Anyways, this outfit was brought to you by thrift store. Except for my old Guess combat boots which are the most versatile and comfortable pair of shoes I own. I have yet to find something I couldn't wear them with, hell, I'd even wear them with a wedding dress! Not saying I would but, you know, I could...I think it would look cool. I really loved the Coachella nights, they remind me of Las Vegas. Everything from the magenta sunsets to the warm night breeze.


  1. so lucky to be there in Coachella! love your outfit and those pics are perfect

  2. I'm dying to see Foals and Tame Impala in Coachella. great blog, you really know how to dressed.
    You should put the blogger follow button instead so I can follow you .

  3. Hey Fransisca, it's too bad we missed Foals. They're great. You can follow me by clicking the 'Follow' link in the nav bar up top. Thanks!!

  4. that top is so pretty & it looks especially pretty in the shot where the sky is all different colored. x

  5. Hey! I found your blog off Madeline's blog roll and I love it! That burning man shirt is great. My boyfriend went last year and I can't wait to go. Next year forsure. Definitely following you! Love your style.