Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pirate Gaucho

Hat-H&M, Poncho-H&M, Blouse-thrifted, Shorts- same as last post, Shoes-vintage

These pictures were taken a few days ago by Madeline on her Canon. We had a mega-fun adventure in shopping.I loved her post about her shopping rules. I completely agree. My boyfriend called this outfit "Pirate Gaucho." I'm not sure how I feel about that. The blouse is my favorite thing about this outfit. I discovered it after much digging and all my itchiness and sneezing and tried patience was worth it!


  1. Nicki! I think I've known you now for about 8 years! You've always had such awesome unique style. You're always so well put together! Miss you <3

  2. oh i love this- i would call it "pirate who happened to time travel to the early '90s, then decided to stud his pirate boots because why not? Things are cushy here in the early '90s- no scurvy!"
    And that is officially the longest outfit description in the world. Uhhhm, Your welcome...?

  3. Loving the nail polish, contrasting with all the black. Nice! xx from Soleil