Thursday, April 21, 2011

Coachillin' Day One

We arrived at Indio pretty late the first night and missed all the music and mayhem of the festival on Friday. The rest of the band in our motor home stayed up and drank beers and talked while I tuckered out on the little couch. The next day, Tim took a couple of pictures of me on the palm tree stump graveyard next to our RV. Then we headed to the Oasis Beach Club party where I was able to snap a couple of style shots, one of which is of an awesome girl's kimono (which she got at the $1 sale at Jet Rag! Lucky duck!), who I found out has a rad blog. Her name is Roberta and she lives in LA too! The next one is of a girl's unicorn print dress! How could I resist? Then we went to the Ace Hotel party where Tim and his friend Dave found out they were wearing the same Native shoes. We got to Coachella by sundown which was a relief from the unrelenting heat but unfortunately not so great for street style shots. However, Animal Collective was amazing and the video Black Dice did for them was the perfect accompaniment. They definitely "brought the weird" which I was extremely grateful for! The best part of the night was when they played "Atlas" by Battles. Tim and I just shared the best moment of realization and started jumping up and down like giddy kitties on catnip. I was so happy that Arcade Fire played almost everything from their first album Funeral. I was transported to the most amazing memories of massive singalongs in the car to that record while driving my friends around in high school. All the words came back to me. I could have danced forever...

Stay tuned for part deux!


  1. Love that patchwork thing you're wearing- the photos are super adorable. I would have killed to hear Arcade Fire first album shit live.

    In creepier news, my little brother Ethan is in love with you. After I did that post about him being a fashion icon, he started looking through all the blogs. I got a phone call last week asking "who Nicki is". He was quite disappointed to hear that you are his elder, live in another state, and have a serious boyfriend. And then I called him a super creep.

  2. Hey thanks Margaret! That's so rad and flattering that your lil' bro is asking about me! Haha! That's so funny and as an older sis, yeah, I know how it is. Older sisters unite!