Tuesday, May 24, 2011

[Cue ominous metal voice and guitar solo] ...UN...EARTHENNNN!!!

Is it just me or does anyone else feel compelled to say Unearthen in a deep metal dude growl? "UN [cue drums]...EARTHENNNN!!!"
A million thanks to Brit for asking me to model for UNEARTHEN's latest resort collection!!! I'm convinced they're the coolest jewelry company in the world. Picture crystal ball rings that rest perfectly on your knuckles, a conical cut of dreamy green aventurine cast in gold that also rests perfectly over your fingers. They've added cuffs, new watches and necklaces. I can't wait for this collection to come out!!
I got to hang out with 2 rad chicks, Gia and Zen, in sunny beautiful downtown LA, drink sparkling water, and play with crystals for my afternoon, and, then at the end of it all, they gave me a ring for my hard work. ;) Check it out.

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  1. I've been seeing this ring everywhere! It is so gorgeous. Lucky you get to model for them!

  2. those unearthen rings are sooooooo bad ass. xx

  3. congrats on your modeling gig, and that is a great ring you got!

  4. You do have pretty hands! Love that ring too. score!


  5. oh man I love those rings so much- you are one adorable lucky duck.

  6. that nailpolish and the ring are both aamazinng. the color is great, and the ring is too die for!
    xx http://highwaiisted.blogspot.com

  7. Isabel and Natasha- Well, it was just hand and neck modeling so I don't know if I'll even recognize myself but knowing it'll be out there is terribly exciting! It was so much fun!

    Thanks everyone for your awesome comments!!

  8. i am in LOVE with that ring!


  9. this accessory is so beautiful I can imagine it in my hand