Monday, May 9, 2011

Mexi-Cali and The Fox is Black

I picked up this top at the Jet Rag $1 sale and after washing it, promptly wore it for a lazy day in. Also, I got my hair cut by Etienne at Vidal Sassoon a week or 2 ago, it was a very nice experience and I meant to blog about it sooner but of course, I completely forgot every time. I asked him to keep the length but thin it out which he did by using this really cool technique in which he divided my hair in different layers and cut accordingly with a pair of super sharp shears. No razor comb used at all! It was neat to watch him do this process, unfortunately it doesn't look too different in pictures but I can definitely feel the difference!

Something exciting is about to happen today. Kyle and Bobby from The Fox is Black (formerly Kitsune Noir) are coming over to take some pictures of Tim and I and our house for a super awesome project they are working on. I'm really excited to hang out with them. They have the most wonderful taste in all things art, design, and music and their blog is chock full of every kind of inspiration. I'm always looking at their blog and wishing I could be wherever their pictures depict, always. For example, these places: Right now!


  1. Great photos! Your accessories are really cure and I love your shoes.