Monday, May 9, 2011

Shroud and Armor

(Sleeveless top-thrifted, pleather shorts-gojane, shoes-forever21, jewlery-thrifted and mom's, poncho-thrifted)

I wore this outfit yesterday to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena where I met up with Madeline, Colleen, and Britney. Madeline and I were in a literal sea of shoes while browsing this seller's array. I found the pictured armor bag, a mother-of-pearl cuff, and a carpet bag, and Tim picked up a gorgeous set of mid-century style speakers.

I met Judy of Knorml who sells amazing 90's vintage, my favorite era. Most vintage booths aren't curated to pertain to a certain era or aesthetic and so it often makes shopping for vintage difficult and overwhelming. I love small booths like Knorml that really only have a couple racks of well selected pieces that all relate to each other. If you're looking for 90's inspired wear, look no further.


  1. oh wow! I love your sleeveless much. Also I really like the 90's aesthetic as well. Sounds like an amaaaazing shopping experience :)

  2. That first picture is so good!

  3. you look really f-ing cool, especially with the hood up, it looks mysterious.

    Dirty Hair Halo

  4. Is this your home? Very nice.

  5. what a great combination, it looks so amazing, love the shoes too, pretty girl by the way