Friday, May 6, 2011

The day in which pizza becomes an accessory

(shirt-Salute, skirt-thrifted, shoes-Guess, belt-mom's, jewlery-thrifted and mom's, sunglasses-santee alley, backpack-DKNY)
I work in a book store, guys, not a super glamourous fashion job and today, I brought leftover Trader Joe's Goat Cheese Pizza to work. Trust me ya'll, it is très chic to bring leftover pizza to work in a ziplock. It's pretty much the transparent bag trend super O.G. style.

Here is a polyvore set I just threw together with a transparent Deena and Ozzy bag as the focus. Pizza optional. I wish Willy Wonka was real and that the device he used to send a chocolate bar through the television could also be used to send clothes from the internet to materialize in real life. Then all this would be mine AND a bar of chocolate!
baroque and roll

All photos courtesy of I just discovered Crystal Wood's blog and she is amazing because she properly credits every photo (something I am very afraid of messing up on), I like her tattoos and she writes poetry.

Which leads me to want to say thank you to everyone who has commented and followed. I love when people comment because then I get to check out their blogs and find out about all these other blogs out there, from people who have been doing it forever and have a huge following and people like me who are just starting out. I like the idea of blogging being something that isn't elite or showcasing the elite but a forum for self expression for every person just like personal style is. I think blogging and the internet ideally should be used to raise the voices of the populist. Anyways, enough of my socialist idealogies.

Lots of love,


  1. Shirt is amazing, do you have a link by chance?


  2. You know, this shirt was given to me by my friend Mina so I don't know the whole story but the label is Salute! Good luck!

  3. A good day for me is when I see you sometime during that day. And that is why I work at a bookstore!

  4. Haha Tosh, I feel the same way!

  5. I try and credit every photo too..... But sometimes its impossible! especially because I save randoms and post them months later!! Ugh! Whats a girl to do. BTW Love ur outfit

  6. Oh...Angela, your comment just instantly made Bat For Lashes play in my head...What's a girl to do...
    I completely agree, I used to be so afraid to post inspiration for that same reason, but now, I save photos with the credit in it! Like this: cutedogdress_tropicofunicorn.jpg

    Of course, I don't have a cute dog dress, wish I did! <3

  7. Incredible pictures and this article is so good and I love the pizza too I hope enjoy it so much